Surprisingly Simple Secrets to Launch Your Podcast by Yong Pratt

Surprisingly Simple Secrets to Launch Your Podcast

11 Proven strategies to help take your podcast from vision to reality.

If you're tired of Googling how to start a podcast to no avail, then the answers are just a click away...

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Here's what's inside:

  • The diagnosis of what's been holding you back from starting your podcast and the simple cure

  • 11 simple podcasting methods you can put into practice right now!

  • Busting through the myths that have stopped you from podcasting, once and for all!

  • Plus one killer BONUS strategy that will change your view of podcasting forever!

Gimme the secrets

Hey there! I'm Yong.

These are the 11 secrets I wish I had known back when I started my podcast in 2013. Knowing them would have saved a ton of time, money, and frustration.

As you begin your podcasting journey, remember this:

Podcasting is NOT about creating more work for you. It's about making what you already create work harder for you.

 Cheers, Yong
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