Let's Get Musical! by Yong Pratt

Let's Get Musical!

Up level your podcast sound by creating musical intros, outros and edit like a pro using Audacity. 

Edit audio like a pro!

If you're looking to create professional sounding musical intros and outros for your podcast or want to learn to edit audio, now you can with this mini course, Let's Get Musical. 

No need to do endless internet searches and piece together everything you find to edit audio.

Take a peek at what's inside the class

Let's Get Musical
What's are Intros and Outros?
6 mins
Audacity and the LAME Plugin Installation
6 mins
Audacity Chrome Extension vs Download
2 mins
Audacity Overview
6 mins
How To Transform Video into Audio Fnl.mp4
2 mins
Audacity - Editing Your Podcast
8 mins
Creating Your OUTRO Music
6 mins
Audacity: Creating Your Template
4 mins
Creating Your OUTRO with Music
6 mins
Creating Your Audacity Template
4 mins
Putting all the pieces together
6 mins
Exporting Your Podcast
5 mins

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