Blog Your Podcast by Yong Pratt

Blog Your Podcast

Don't let your podcast be one and done! Learn to transform every podcast episode into a blog post on your website in a weekend!

Start blogging today

If you don't have a blog on your website, you're missing out on traffic, listeners, and subscribers for your podcast.

Blogging doesn't have to be hard or take tons of time. In fact, with this mini-class, you can be blogging by the end of the weekend using what you've already created - your podcast episodes!
Yes, I want to blog my podcast!

What's included?

Video Icon 16 videos


For Wordpress Users
SPP Welcome and an Intro to Simple Podcast Press
3 mins
SPP - Get a copy of the plugin
5 mins
SPP - Installing and Activating the Plugin
5 mins
SPP - Connecting your RSS Feed
7 mins
SPP - Remember to Always Save Your Work!
2 mins
SPP Section 1 - Publish Settings.mp4
6 mins
SPP Section 2: Player Settings
12 mins
SPP Section 3: Button Settings
4 mins
SPP Section 4: Opt-in box settings
11 mins
SPP Section 5: Share Setting
4 mins
SPP Section 6: Advanced Tweaks
2 mins
SPP Section 7: Importing Episodes
2 mins
SPP - Extra Features Link Shortener.mp4
3 mins
SPP - Extra Features Clutter Transcripts.mp4
5 mins
For Non-Wordpress Users
How to add your podcast to your website fast.mp4
6 mins
Embedding player and episodes on your website.mp4
3 mins