Collaboration in a Weekend by Yong Pratt

Collaboration in a Weekend

Collaboration [noun]

The action of working with someone to produce or create something

Collaborations don't need to be hard or complicated. In the class, you’ll know all the essential steps you need to confidently put a plan together and execute a collaboration successfully.

What's included?

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Collaboration in a Weekend Foundations
1.0 Welcome to Collaboration in a Weekend
3 mins
1.3 Collab Overview
4 mins
1.4 What a Collaboration Is and What It s Not
9 mins
1.5 Benefits of Collaboration
11 mins
Collaboration in a Weekend Workbook
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Creating Your Collaboration Plan
2.0 Elements of a Collaboration Plan
6 mins
2.2 Goals and Vetting
5 mins
2.3 Responsibilities and Naming
4 mins
2.4 Your Money Plan
5 mins
2.5 Collaboration Time Frame
5 mins
2.6 The Breakup Plan
6 mins
It's time for YOUR collaboration
3.0 Your Collaboration in a Weekend Win
4 mins
3.2 The 3 Step Intro Video
6 mins
3.3 Conducting Your Interview
7 mins
3.4 It's time to celebrate
4 mins
Bonus Resources
BONUS: Collaboration Interview Tools
BONUS: Using FB Messenger for Video Calls
2 mins
BONUS: BeLive Mini Tutorial
BONUS: How to Use
6 mins
BONUS: Collab in a Weekend Celebration via Zoom
17 mins
Next Steps
Class Evaluation