Kickstart Your Book™ Challenge by Yong Pratt

Kickstart Your Book™ Challenge

Finally create the impact and visibility you want in your business by learning how to write your game-changing business book in just 5 days.

  • Do you hear the call to publish a book? 
  • Are people always telling you "you need to write a book"? 
  • Are you having trouble knowing where to start?

Embrace your knowledge and get ready to write your business book in just 5 days with this challenge!

Save the Date & Meet Your Hostesses

The Kickstart Your Book™ Challenge begins: Monday, February 17, 2020 
Hi I'm Callie, owner of Clear Fork Media Group located in Stamford, Texas.

I respond to the following titles: Publisher of Books, Newspaper Chick, Bookstore Shopkeeper, Writer, Illustrator, Wife, Mom, Friend, and woman.

With a writing career spanning over 20 years, I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a writing rut and to experience that sense of losing momentum in a writing project.

I understand the process and frustrations of the writing, editing and publishing process and help serious writers, like you, take their writing to the next level.

Whether you want to write and publish magazine articles, books, blogs, or want to focus on a personal writing project (I’ve done it all), I can give you the nudge and hold you accountable for reaching your writing goals.

Challenge me, Callie!
Hi, I'm Yong, Chief Dreamer and Podcast Host Author at Amplify Your Awesome™, where we help you reveal the superpowers behind your unique knowledge & experiences, so you can create the thriving business of YOUR dreams!

As a former professional dancer and performing arts studio owner turned automation ninja and repurpose queen (as dubbed by my students and clients) I understand the frustrations that often come with claiming your unique gifts and talents fully and sharing them with the world in meaningful ways.

Together we’ll simplify, automate, and leverage your superpowers to the maximum to Amplify Your Awesome™!

I'm ready, Yong!

Student Success Stories

I have learned so much in Callie Metler-Smith’s Magic Writing Lab online course. It’s like having a little “abracadabra” magic to help you on your writing journey. Excellent worksheets, “live” lessons (or replays if you can catch the live magic) and a community of writers that support you along the way. If you need help pulling a bunny out of a top-hat, sign up for this Children’s Book course!
Doreen Robinson
Writing a book not only boosted my credentials, positioned me as an expert, and helped me build my perfect audience, it also made me feel accomplished! I recommend eBook in a Weekend to everybody and anybody who has an idea and wants to get it out in the world! Yong will take you through the process step by step!!
Christie Garcia


How much does the challenge cost?

This challenge is our gift to you to kickstart your non-fiction book in 2020.

When does the challenge begin?

Monday, February 17, 2020

How does the challenge work?

The challenge will be hosted inside a private Facebook Group. Each day, you'll be emailed tasks to complete which will help you Kickstart Your Book™. 

You'll share your answers inside the group each day. Plus, Callie & Yong will go live each day inside the group to and answer questions and share more about each day's task

How much time will daily tasks take?

On average, you'll devote 15-30 minutes daily on tasks to kickstart your book.

Ready to Kickstart Your Book™?

When you join the 5-day Kickstart Your Book Challenge today, you'll also get access to the PDF: 4 Writer Worries to help you overcome the biggest worries every writer faces.

I'm ready for the challenge!