League of Extraordinary Podcasters by Yong Pratt

League of Extraordinary Podcasters

Welcome to the League!

The League of Extraordinary Podcasters aka LXP, was created exclusively for students and graduates of Podcast in a Weekend looking to take your podcast to new levels using the principles on which LXP was founded: 

(1) L - Leveraging a community of like-minded podcasters looking to scale through collaboration

(2) X - Executing best practices in podcasting via monthly masterclasses, hot seats, and more, and 

(3) P - Podcasting with a Purpose  - get clear on the purpose(s) of your podcast (i.e., monetization, impact, funding a non-profit, etc).

Cheers to YOU for raising your hand to become an Extraordinary Podcaster in a world filled with ordinary!

I want in to LXP!

What's included inside of LXP?

Hot Seat: 1-2 members will have an opportunity to participate in a hot seat where we'll dive into your specific needs or challenges as a podcaster.

Masterclass: A special masterclass designed to help you strategize, monetize, or scale your podcast.

Checklist: A checklist of action items that will move your podcast forward

Special Guest/Office Hours. You'll have access to either a special guest interview about a topic that's relevant to you as a podcaster or join me for live office hours where I'll be available to answer your questions (outside of hot seats).

PLUS as an added bonus, you'll get ongoing access to the current version of Podcast in a Weekend as long as you're a member.

Meet the Defender of LXP

Hey there I'm Yong, Creator of Podcast in a Weekend and Defender of the League of Extraordinary Podcasters.
I want to be an Extraordinary Podcaster!


How much is LXP?

LXP is only $47/month

Am I obligated to be a member forever?

Absolutely not. LXP is a monthly membership with no long-term commitments. 

How do I cancel my membership?

If you decide that LXP isn't for you, just notify us one week before your next membership payment processes and we'll cancel your membership. Please note that you'll lose access to the online portal and all online classes including Podcast in a Weekend, the FB group, etc.