Podcast in a Weekend by Yong Pratt

Podcast in a Weekend

Ready to Podcast in a Weekend even if you're not famous, techie, or don't have much time? With Podcast in a Weekend, you'll create and launch your podcast in record time, have a repeatable and automated system you can use week after week, and reach people worldwide. 

Welcome future podcaster!

If you've ever thought about becoming a podcaster or are looking to help your kiddos harness the power of technology and bond with them in the process, you're in the right place. 

Podcast in a Weekend is a step-by-step, actionable course to leverage the video content you're already creating to reach new audiences and launch your podcast.

Not already creating video?

No worries, we'll cover our #1 strategy to quickly and effectively use video to create your podcast and you'll learn why video is the preferred method to create your podcast.
I'm ready to launch my podcast this weekend!

Podcasting Myths Busted

When it comes to podcasting, there are many schools of thought. As a long-time podcaster (I started my first podcast in 2013), a mom of two daughters, a wife, and a full-time entrepreneur, I've learned about podcasting through the school of hard-knocks.

I've made EVERY mistake in the book and I want to FAST-track your learning curve when it comes to podcasting. Here are the top 3 myths we're busting through in Podcast in a Weekend.

The 3 Podcasting Myths

Myth #1: Podcasting takes too much time.

Imagine if you had a magic wand you could wave to create your podcast...

Wouldn't that be amazing???

Well, since we don't live in Harry Potter land (sorry to burst your bubble), what if you had the next best thing?

Do you want to know what it is?


In Podcast in a Weekend, you'll learn to build my Podcast Automation Machine (PAMmy) - a machine that automates nearly 100% of your podcast. All you need to do to start the machine is breath new life into your video content by pressing upload or go live on Facebook and PAMmy takes care of just about everything else.

How's that for magic?

Podcast in a Weekend graduates have reported that they're spending around 30 minutes each week (or per episode) going live on Facebook. Once they go live, PAMmy works her magic behind the scenes saving them 3-4 hours per week because nearly every step of the podcast process is automated instead of manual.

Ready to put PAMmy into action?
I'm ready to Podcast in a Weekend!
WOW!!! Podcast in a Weekend exceeded my expectations! The repurposing content that my eyes have been opened to was an unexpected BONUS!  Everyone who has a business or wants a podcast NEEDS to take this class! It's simple and well laid out format is great for every individual! Thank you!
Christie Garcia

Myth #2: Podcasting is only for long-time business owners, gurus, and famous people.

Not true. While there are some "famous" podcasters and long-time, super successful business owners that have podcasts, scrolling through iTunes reveals many, many podcasters that you never knew existed. And yet, there they are. Showing up, making an impact, and serving people with their podcasts.
There is someone out there waiting for YOU, my friend.
For YOUR message. To learn from your mistakes and your wins. To hold your hand on their journey. To know that they, too, have a message and gifts to be shared, and they’re not alone.
Don’t be like me and hide your gifts for years. There’s someone out there that needs YOU.
Believing you have to be "famous" to have a podcast is just an excuse. You didn't know I was gonna give you some tough love on this page, did ya?
It's time to step into your greatness and inside of Podcast in a Weekend, you'll learn what's possible in this big, beautiful world of podcasting.
I'm done hiding! I want to make a bigger impact with Podcasting.

Meet Nicole

Myth #3: Podcasting is complicated and super techie

If someone tells you that podcasting is complicated or that you need to have a degree in tech to podcast, RUN!

We don't believe in complicated. We like to break down our systems, processes, and especially technology into bite-sized pieces because we work with creators of all ages.
If you can push play on a video and are an action-taker, then the mini (5-7 minute) lessons inside of the course will walk you step-by-step through every system you need to create and launch your podcast. 
Remember, we're going to leverage your content by automating and PAMmy's got your back at every step! Even though PAMmy can perform magical feats, you'll need to do the work and implement in order to launch your Podcast in a Weekend
I'm ready to dive into Podcast in a Weekend.
Yong Pratt and her revolutionary podcasting process are making history by giving the quick step by step instructions to implement in one weekend her powerful system. She is known as the Repurpose Queen for a reason! I now have a podcast and have saved more time during my week than I would if I didn't have a podcast. Seems crazy but it's true!!!
Kim White

What do I get with Podcast in a Weekend?

Not only will you walk away with a podcast after the weekend, you'll have a repeatable and more importantly, an AUTOMATED system you can use for each and every episode to save you:

(1) TIME (students have reported saving 3-4 hours per week using PAMmy)

(2) ENERGY (stop expending energy doing things manually when you can automate them)

(3) MONEY (PAMmy saves me over $400 per month on a podcasting Virtual Assistant)
On top of that, you'll get a build in network of potential guests, an opportunity to become a podcast guest, and a launch team in the form of your fellow classmates. 
And if that's not enough, I have some special surprises to make your first episode a breeze and how to get your podcast on the 2nd largest search engine in the world (automatically)!
How's that for a deal?
I'm ready to Podcast!

Meet Tasha


Is this a live or pre-recorded class?

Podcast in a Weekend is self-paced. You can choose when and where to work on creating your podcast. You get to choose  your own pace with pre-recorded videos.

How many lessons are in the course?

There are 37-short, action-taking lessons that take you from start to finish.

When will I get access to the class?

You'll be given access to the entire course course as soon as you purchase. BONUSES will be released once you complete all the lessons.

Can I work at my own pace?

Absolutely! You're free to work at your own pace and implement as your schedule allows. The course is designed to be implemented quickly and as your time allows. Past graduates have reported completing the entire course in 4 hours!

What if I need more time?

If you feel you might need more than 30 days to complete this class, you'll receive a monthly alumni rate to continue to have access.

What's your return policy?

Podcast in a Weekend is non-refundable once purchased. Since it is possible to complete the entire class and launch your podcast is as little as 4 hours (as has been done by our alumni) and have a live podcast, no refunds will be issued.

What happens in the live sessions?

You'll receive a special link to join a zoom meeting for all three sessions.

Session #1 is on Friday and it's the official kickoff of the class. 

Session #2 on Saturday is a Q&A session.

Session #3 on Sunday is a celebration of YOU and your forthcoming podcast. 

When do I get my bonuses?

Bonuses will be unlocked as soon as you finish all the modules.

Meet Elena

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