Rebecca Tervo's Repurpose Automation Machine by Yong Pratt

Rebecca Tervo's Repurpose Automation Machine


You have so many accomplishments and so many incredible skills to bring to the world. I would be honored to have the opportunity to support you in your business growth.

Based on our last conversation, HERE ARE THE 3 Main Results you’ll get with the Rebecca Tervo Repurpose Automation Machine (RAM) over 3 months (12 weeks)

(1) Creation of your very own Repurpose Automation Machine (RAM) to maximize and leverage every single piece of content you create and automate its distribution.

During the first 6 weeks, you’ll learn to set-up your repurposing tools:, Simple Social Press and/or Simple Podcast Press. 

By setting up these tools, you’ll have content for your very own

  1. Podcast
  2. Blog

During the second 6 weeks, we’ll test, tweak, and scale your RAM.

(2) Throughout our time together, we’ll create simple one-page Documented Repurposing Systems you can pass along to a Virtual Assistant

(3) Accountability and Personalized Strategy for minimizing your content creation time and maximizing your reach

All completed with in-depth, expert analysis, guidance, and empathy.

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