Repurpose Automation Machine™ by Yong Pratt

Repurpose Automation Machine™

There's nothing worse than investing in an awesome piece of software and THEN having to spend tons of time learning how to use it and missing out on the money you could have made during that time.

That's where the Repurpose Automation Machine™ comes in and will save you time & money.

When it comes to learning and using new software, would your rather...

1. Use your precious time learning HOW to set up by watching tons of videos, connect all your platforms to the software, and then choose which workflows you think you need in your business....


2. Hire individuals that get to know you, your business, your goals and know inside, freeing up your time to stay in your zone genius...
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If you answered #2 find keep reading to discover HOW to save yourself time & money.

Introducing the Repurpose Automation Machine™ by Amplify Your Awesome.™ 

RAM helps you leverage to its fullest so you can use your repurposed content to support your business goals.

After working directly with the founder for the past 13 months, walking users through the software live, in online classes, and setting up the software for businesses of across the globe, Yong Pratt, AKA Dr. Content, and her team are here to help you set up your software FAST!

No need to waste your precious time learning how to set up and use yourself.
Yes! I want to have my software set up for me!!!

What's included in RAM?

Content Repurposing is NOT one size fits all. What works for one business may not work for yours. 

Just because can do so much for you, it doesn't mean your business needs it all. Your custom set-up is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. After getting to know more about you, your business, and your goals, you'll hop on a 1:1 zoom call with a member of the Amplify Your Awesome™ team.

2. Our team will connect all the platforms you need and then custom create the workflows to support your business goals.

3. Within 2 weeks (as of June 2020), your Repurpose set up will be complete and you can celebrate by turning on your Repurpose Automation Machine™ (RAM)!
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Who is the Repurpose Automation Machine™ [RAM] for?

RAM was created busy business owners that value time savings, appreciate done-for-you services that are plug and play, and delegating tasks so you can stay in your zone of genius.

Who is RAM NOT for?

If you're a DIYer, love the thought of spending tons of learning how to set up and use yourself, or don't value done for you services, RAM is NOT for for.

I don't have a account yet. Where can I get one?

In order for RAM to work, you must have a software subscription to Get your copy at

Please note: Amplify Your Awesome™ partners with When you choose to purchase through our link, we will receive affiliate compensation. Thank you in advance for the cup of coffee!

Are there any guarantees or refunds on RAM?

RAM is customized to your business, its needs, and the goals you set and is therefore, non-refundable. 

Amplify Your Awesome™ cannot guarantee the success of your content, time or money savings with the non-refundable purchase of RAM. 

What if I need more help after my RAM set up is complete?

If you're looking for help crafting a custom strategy or creating systems to support your RAM, Amplify Your Awesome™ offers additional short-term and long-term services to support you and your business.

Ready for RAM?

If you're ready to get the very most out of your software membership, maximize the distribution of your content, and Amplify Your Awesome™, click on any of the ORANGE purchase now links on this page.

Once purchased, you'll be emailed a confirmation and receive a separate email with our RAM questionnaire so we can get started with repurposing your content ASAP.
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