Super 7 Live Video Challenge by Yong Pratt

Super 7 Live Video Challenge

Now, more than ever, live video must be part of your business marketing plan. With social distancing the new norm, video is the next best way to connect and build relationships with your tribe.

Welcome future video creators!

  • Has you business closed or changed due to recent events?

  • Do you have new ideas on how to pivot your brick and mortar business online for at least a little while? 

  • Wanna make sure your customers know what's happening right now?

It's time to embrace live video and stay connected and top of mind with your tribe despite all the social distancing.
I'm ready to learn how to use live video

When it comes to reasons why most business owners don't use live video, there are 3 that we'll overcome together.

Reason #1: Live video scares me!

This is by far the biggest reason why most business owners don't use live video.

I so get this one! I WAS the business owner that was terrified of public speaking and avoided it at all costs. I even had someone else emcee my own performing arts school concerts for years! 

Now, years later, I can honestly say that LIVE video is my favorite way to connect and show up for my tribe.

And I know YOU can do the same. With the Super 7 Live Video Challenge, you can fast track your way to live video confidence using a method it's taken me years to create.
Yes! I want to fast-track my way to live video confidence!

Reason #2: I'm don't have fancy equipment

So many of my students and clients confess that they've avoided live video because they don't know what tech to use. They've been led to believe they need to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on equipment before they begin. 

I bought into that lie for years which gave me a reason NOT to do live video.

Want the truth?

You don't need to spend anything to get started with live video. In fact, on Day #2 of the Super 7 Challenge, you'll learn how to get started with live video with the tech you already have. 
Yes! I'm ready to learn how to do live video with what I already have!

Reason #3: I'm not tech savvy

If you can use your smartphone to send a text or an email, you can learn to make live videos. Inside the Super 7 Challenge, you'll learn the simplest ways to use live video confidently and like many of my students, you'll wonder why you didn't start using live sooner 🧡
Let's do it! I'm ready to learn how to use live video!

Here's what you'll get inside the Super 7 Live Video Challenge

  • Video lessons and action items delivered straight to your inbox for 7 days 

  • A community of fellow business owners who want to learn how to use live video, too

  • Feedback from Yong and a safe place to practice your new-found live video skills 
Yes! I'm ready for the Super 7 Live Video Challenge


How much is the Challenge?

Until now, this challenge was only available to students as a bonus inside of Podcast in a Weekend™. You can grab the entire challenge and move through it at your own pace for only $77 - a fraction of the thousands I've spend over the years to learn and implement everything you'll learn inside the challenge.

Are the videos live or pre-recorded?

The videos you'll get access to inside this class are pre-recorded and are supplemental to the daily emails and action items. 

Is there a place to practice my live videos and get feedback?

Absolutely! You'll be invited to join a special facebook group where you can practice your live video skills as well as get feedback from Yong and the community of other video creators.

What if I have questions?

We've got you covered. Inside the FB group, you'll be able to post questions and get answers.

Can I work at my own pace?

Sort'll get one video lesson and action items to complete each day for 7 days. You can work as quickly or as slowly as you need each day.

What if I need more support?

Throughout the challenge, Yong will go live inside the FB group to answer questions and give feedback. If you need additional help, Yong will let you know some options.

How long will the challenge take each day?

You can expect to spend 15-30 minutes each day working though each of the lessons. If you have more time, use it! 

When will I get access to the class?

You'll be given access to the class portal and Day #1 of the the Super 7 Challenge soon after you register with your name and email.

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