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Vlog in a Weekend™

Collaboration in a Weekend

1:1 Content Diagnostic Session

Let's Get Musical!

Uplevel your podcast with professional intros and outros with this mini-class. Learn to edit and layer musical tracks over your audio tracks

Kickstart Your Book™ Challenge Mini Class

Finally create the impact and visibility you want in your business by learning how to write your game-changing business book in just 5 days.
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Blog Your Podcast

Turn your podcast into traffic on your website. In this mini class, you'll transform every podcast episode into a blog post on your website.

Podcast in a Weekend

Launching a podcast doesn't have to take years, months, or even weeks. You can create and launch your podcast in a little as a weekend!

Podcasting Strategy Session

Having a solid strategy for your podcast is key to its long-term success. Grab a 3-part strategy session and get ready to rock your podcast!